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The terms ego-mind and true self have been discussed through the ages and for good reason as getting it misunderstood can be the difference between living a lie and living in truth.
Ego is defined as our sense of self or identity. The ego is often confused with the true self, which is the part of us that knows who we are. Many Spiritual coaching sessions are dedicated to getting a client to bridge the gap between what’s real and fake. In this blog we explore the meaning of each, and what you can do to help your transformation.

Ego-mind vs. your true-self

Your ego mind is the part of you that believes it’s smarter than everyone else. It thinks it’s entitled to everything. And it doesn’t like anyone telling you otherwise.
Your true self is the part of you where you know what’s best for yourself. You’re aware of how much work you put into something, and you don’t want to waste your energy.
When you live according to your ego mind, you’ll never feel satisfied. You’ll never feel like you’ve accomplished anything. But when you align yourself with your true self you’ll feel amazing every day.

The true self — Dropping the mask

Your truest self is what lies beneath the masks we wear. We are constantly trying to hide parts of ourselves from others because we think it makes us look better. But sometimes we don’t even realize how much of our real selves we’re hiding. Some people spend most of their lives wearing masks, and never really discover who they truly are.
In his book “The True Self,” author Dr. Wayne Dyer explains why it’s important to drop the masks and reveal our true selves. He says that once we do, we’ll start feeling better about ourselves and others around us. And we’ll find out that there’s nothing wrong with being imperfect.

The Illusion of Being Yourself

The illusion of being yourself is like wearing a mask; it makes you feel comfortable in public. But behind closed doors, you are still hiding something. You don’t want people to know what you think about them. You pretend to be someone else and everyone around you goes along with the charade. This is having more ego.
Shrinking the ego is essential for spiritual growth. When we become egoless, we no longer depend on others to define us. We’re free to find out who we truly are. We can discover our true nature, and we can let go of the masks that we wear to protect ourselves from pain.
But most of us aren’t ready to take off our masks. We don’t want to lose our status and power. If we give up our egos, we’ll lose control. We won’t be able to manipulate people anymore. They’ll see straight through us.
We’ve been taught that the focus on reducing our ego is selfish. But actually, it isn’t. It’s the opposite. When we stop caring about how others perceive us, we start living authentically.

Turn the Ego from Enemy to Friend

It isn’t just about letting go of our egos. It’s about turning the ego into a friend. If you’re looking to make friends, it helps to know what makes people tick. And one of the most important things is how much we care about our identities. People often confuse caring about themselves with being self-centered, but there’s no such thing as self-centeredness. Self-centeredness is simply caring too much about yourself.
When we let go of our idealized version of ourselves we become free. Freeing ourselves from the illusion of who we thought you were allows us to see ourselves clearly. This frees you up to be your true self. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about yourself anymore. On the contrary, it means that you are finally able to accept yourself fully.
The ego wants to keep us stuck in the illusion of who we believe we are. It keeps us from seeing the truth because it’s afraid of what we’ll find out. It creates false versions of ourselves and tells us that we’re better than others. It’s why we feel threatened when someone else gets ahead.
But if we want to truly change, we’ve got to look inward. We have to face ourselves, especially those parts that aren’t comfortable. Once we do, we start to realize that we’re not as different as we used to think. We’re pretty similar to everyone else.
We stop trying to be something that we’re not and we begin to understand that we’re actually okay just as we are. Then we can relax and enjoy life without worrying about whether or not we fit some preconceived idea of who we think we should be.

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