Know Yourself the Universe

Why did the Temple of Delphi, Ancient Egyptian proverbs, Gnostic scriptures, Circle 7 Koran and many more promote this phrase?

This maxim seems to be a timeless, transcendent phrase that is more than advisory; it almost serves as an engraved reminder from master teachers to be etched in the minds of the neophytes & initiates who choose to embark on deep spiritual inquiry.

Beginning with the quest to find oneself is the greatest challenge. The system we have built is a culmination of the key wisdom gained from those 20 years.


Making connections with the Eternal You.

The MetaPheSynics™ system was designed to provide you with the clearest most comprehensive synthesis of your unique spiritual journey allowing you to get clarity like never before.    

The name is a compound derived from 3 major pillars. 


An emerging scientific method that brings together qualitative data to form new interpretations & theories. Meta-syntheses are best designed for re-interpreting meaning across many studies.  

This idea began as a way to understand medical research, I Create My Story has adapted those methods to build our framework as a way to understand and harmonise the complexities of the Universal & personal soul.   

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The study of the development of self-awareness & human consciousness. A phenomenological approach is interested in the subjectivity of the observer. Phenomenologists are interested in the way we come to construct & share a similar understanding of the world.

There are two further classifications of Phenomenology: Genetic phenomenologyStudies the genesis of meanings of things within one’s stream of experience. Hermeneutical phenomenology Studies the interpretive structures of experience, how people understand and engage things around us in our human world.


A division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology (Nature of being), cosmology (Universe), and epistemology (Knowledge).  

Modelled for Your Magnificence.
Mapped from Your Soul.

Our Way

The MetaPheSynics™ method & The Wheels of COGSyntion™ systems have been designed to produce the most comprehensive spiritual development solutions for spiritual transformation.

Our The Wheels of COGSyntion™ system allows us to understand the world and you like never before.

Our IMCS Super Star Program brings together our  two system to deliver a program for spiritual excellence.