Our story, unique, beautiful, 

Our story, unique, beautiful, 

Our story, unique, beautiful, 

Our story, unique, beautiful, 

Our story, unique, beautiful, 

Our story, unique, beautiful, 

My Story…

In Short

Seemingly out of nowhere, repetitive dreams of the world ending awakened me as a child to reflect on the deepest existential questions that have provoked, sometimes plagued and at worst, been ignored by mankind. 

Out of this grew a passion for Philosophy, Spirituality, History and Psychology. The last 20 or so years of my journey has led me on a deep and wide personal quest to make sense of metaphysical information and most importantly explore & incorporate what is relevant into my being.  

I have been sharing and teaching in various forms for over a decade including being a qualified Life Coach & NLP practitioner for 7 years. I am fortunate enough to be able to practice my vocation for a living and help people transform their lives for the better.  


(Phew! now that’s out of the way, I’ll be using ‘the royal We’ throughout the website; as in the teachers, family, friends, ICMS contributors, ancestors, mentors and guides known and unknown that has contributed in some way to this)  



It’s been emotional! We’ve want round in circles trying to find the straight path. We really just want to help people get outside their own head quicker, so they can take more time to relax, enjoy and help some people along their way. 

The Beautiful Struggle

“Falling forwards” we’re some profound words a business mentor shared with me about one of his philosophies.  My star & ascending sign is Sagittarius. This confirmed my overstanding as an eternal optimist who doesn’t always recognise danger going head first into many situations which didn’t always end rosy.

This lead me to going down many seemingly dead ends. Fortunately these brick walls were like hard hitting epiphanies that would often force me to reflect deeply and change direction.

Once I broke down my code and saw the pattern, clearly it was easy for me to see why each step was destined to take place.

I want to help others do this more effectively & efficiently.

How I went Round In Circles!

Outer Journey
Inner Journey
Hedonistic, Selfish
Business, Philosophy, History, Conspiracies, Metaphysics
Career, Money, Self Centered
Achievement, Raising Vibration, Metaphysics
Sovereignty, Teaching, Business, Parenting
Holistic, Being

The Promise & Problem of this Age of Revelation  

We are in another great age of revelation. Manifestation of things like the internet in the age of Aquarius has made this quest both wonderful and challenging.   

With thousands of search results fighting for validity, the speed and volume of information can often be confusing and difficult to comprehend. This trend is likely to increase and be even more challenging as we firmly move through the era of disinformation and fake news. This has meant for some; the golden age of Aquarius turning into spirit paralysis and mental masturbation.    

The create my story program is a synthesising program designed to bring harmony back into your life.  

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