The Wheels of COGSyntion™

Built from Nature by Code within Law for you.

At ICMS we try not the reinvent the wheel (Souls).

Our COGSyntion™ system synthesises 11 trusted ancient and modern modalities which have been combined to make sense of the world and our place in it.

Skin that glows, guaranteed.

Quran | 3:190-191

“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and night there are signs for people of reason”

Whether in a state of awareness or appreciation, IT is always present. When both are recognised and understood, life is enriched.

Did you know?

The 26 known constants that make the our universe are delicately balanced in harmony.

If we increased the strength of gravity by just 1 part in 1034 of the range of force strengths (the equivalent of moving less than one inch on the universe-long ruler), the universe couldn’t have life-sustaining planets.


Sciences synthesised


Categories considered


Possible permutations
Mind > Matter

The Code is built by numbers. In this 3D reality for it to exist and continue there must be two fundamental space and most notably time.

Also relating to numbers is numerology which is incorporates the contextual and personal relationship you have with numbers and their deeper meanings.

Everything vibrates. Those vibrations have a frequency which takes shape in form. Each form has a unique pattern which tells a story in the mosaic of life

Understanding the forms and their energy signature can be appreciated in sciences like sacred geometry & classical geometry giving meaning to the treasures which shape our life.

Vibrations oscillate making sounds based on their frequencies. The phenomena of sound is utilised in many areas including language, phonetics and music.

Many people listen, but are you one of the special types that can hear? From inflections changing the whole meaning, understanding the spiritual relationships we have with sound will shake you to your core

What is our MetaPheSynic™ method?

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