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How our Chakra Test works

Most Chakra tests are based on questionnaires which try to asses which chakra are balanced and unbalanced.
Our chakra test focuses on the yearly dominant (negative or positive) chakra energies within you and Earth. As well as presenting the individual energies, we also give examples on how the combination of these energies could effect you.

Your Yearly Chakra Cycle

Each year of your birthday represents a new chakra energy the will transition to be the dominant chakra for the next 12 month.

Your 7-year Chakra cycle

7 is an important number in metaphysics as it relates mainly to cycles. For example, 7
seal, 7 Days & 7 colours.
Another correspondence is that your cells go through a regeneration process every 7 years.
Your chakras have an energy cycle of their own which is 7 years start from your root chakra at the base of your spine from year one.

The cycles are sequential from 1-7, 8-14, all the way up to 49 (7 Chakra Cycles x 7 Chakras)

Earth’s Dominant Chakras Cycles

Earth also has energy centers which correspond to the chakras of your body. Like your body it has both a yearly and 7-year energy cycle.
Our reality is built on consensus and conscious participation. You only need to look at things like the classic double slit experiment to confirm that.
Using the same model for the body chakra, we have calculated earths dominant energies using the western Calendar system which are the most prevalent on this earth and in particular the west.
Our result page synthesises some of this information to illustrates the interplay of your dominant energy with the earth.