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How we help

ICMS SuperStar Program™

The MetaPheSynics™ method & The Wheels of COGSyntion™ systems have been brought together to build the ICMS SuperStar Program™. It has been designed to produce the most comprehensive, tailored & effective spiritual development program.
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Spiritual Coaching

We connect your dots,

Helping you build your relationship with Self

Whatever you spiritual goals are, we have a unique, clear and holistics method for you to get there.

Our metaphysicaltm approach means we provide uniquely tailored insights to help analyse the problems, gaps and the opportunities giving you a fresh perspective unique on how to to get you to that level.

We use our unique 10 steps “Wheels of COGnition™” framework to decode & synthesise your spiritual story and give profound meaning and clarity of direction to your life.


If you’re quite new to our frameworks and methodologies I am and imagine it may seem to complex at 1st. Like anything new, you just have to get used to it. The best way for you to get clarity which is the main thing our system does is to speak to to our spiritual coach directly.

What is that question that is keeping you up at night?

If you had one question that could be answered by the the architect of this reality what would it be?

Yes, you guessed correctly, we’re not here here just for the small talk.

We have the key codes mapped, so ask away and click the link to book a 10-minutes taster session for Free!

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Spiritual Readings

We map the path,

So the only thing left is to walk.

We use our “Wheels of CogSyntion™” framework to decode & synthesise your spiritual story and give profound meaning and clarity of direction to your life.

We use this code to show how it reflects in your life in an extraordinary and unique way both spiritually and physically primarily via Form, Number & Sound. Synthesise your spiritual story and give profound meaning, clarity and direction to your life.

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Spiritual Business Consultancy

Making Win-Win relationships,

In this physical world, business shapes our reality like few other forces. as business leader, entrepreneurs we need to understand or role as creators and manifesors.

We help business owners who are spiritually minded to shape the world in a more harmonious way through our Spiritual business consultancy, Spiritual branding, Spiritual Marketing services.

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