Value For Value

Reach for the Stars! Why not?  

We aim to help millions of unfulfilled people achieve complete, life-lasting clarity on how to reach & live their full potential in sync with their rhythm, avoiding the problems of information overload which adds to the confusion and overwhelm, so they can be the truest version of themselves.   

We will continue to do this by equipping people with the tools to help guide them on the clearest, most personalised path available to finally allow them to meet the unique ‘SELF’ that has been calling all their life.  

With some great foundations set, we continue to evolve the service and soon will be producing books, online courses and more proprietary tools on personal spiritual development in a way that we believe hasn’t been seen before.  

True Currency Exchange

Our services do require donations in currency, but we are a spiritually centred business and know that currency is energy and fiat currencies are not the only way to valuation something. We respect other ways of doing business and working together and are proactively offering some services on a ‘value for value’ basis.   

The vision for ICMS is huge, and the roadmap for versions 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 are already clearly outlined. If people can add value to help us get there in a quicker or better way, then we see that as valuable as a monetary exchange.   

You can read some of our ‘Services‘ or ‘About’ page to get more of an understanding of what we’re building.

How We Move

“We are fortunate enough to be living in the space of abundance and so it would to be almost rude not to have a roadmap that builds towards the stars”  

What we’re looking for   

At this stage we are focused on building a content-rich website to aid people’s development. More importantly, we are looking for people who have a genuine passion for the following:  

  • Spirituality  
  • Metaphysics  
  • Psychology  

Value adds that could add value to ICMS 

  • Content creator
  • Social media marketers
  • Web designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Influencers – Affiliates model is set up
  • Life / Spiritual coaches
  • Or just people that are willing and able to lend a helping hand to the cause. We can provide training to upskill you as well


How ICMS Could add value to your Life

As mentioned on our Spiritual Business Page, we also own a successful business consultancy & digital marketing agency with over 20 staff. The directors previously have experience in management and business consultancy.

 We can offer the following value in return;  




Access to best-in-class Digital Marketing Training and course worth over £30,000

Digital marketing Internship

Learn the ropes, get hands on, build experience & expertise with internships at our digital marketing agency.

ICMS Product Access

Access to most of the ICMS services & products that will be built within the next 12 months, worth over £4,000

Portfolio & Brand Awareness

A more valuable and credible portfolio - We'll be HEAVILY investing in SEO & Social Media so content promotion is a MAJOR part of our strategy. The content you write will be seen by many.

Business Mentoring

As an owner and advisor to multiple businesses we can offer consultancy & mentoring services to those looking to expand their current business or turn an idea into a profitable business

Reach Out

The more people we reach the more we can help, combined with the above offering easily valued at more than £40,000 in monetary terms, there are even more ways to earn extra revenue depending on your skillset and commitment this is an amazing opportunity not to be missed for the right people.   

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