Business IS Personal Spiritual

“Business is not personal” is one of those Maxims that many blindly accept. It was only after years of being a business owner,  I realised that to consider, rationalise and put it into practice this stance, is most likely going to come from people who deep down put money over everything, lack integrity or just really lack an understanding of what business is really about. 

How can a business not be personal when the very existence is based on the relationships it has with its customers and employees. People buy from people; it’s often those intangible variables that are the deciding factor; Those gut decisions that go beyond logic and even emotions.   

We are ICMS so it’s no surprise we take it that one step further and go deeper and say business is not only personal more importantly it’s spiritual.  

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IF you can relate to…  

  • Feeling like your business is losing its core?
  • Feeling like you started a business to make money, become an entrepreneur and realised those good intentions have not been repaid in kind?
  • Feeling like the disharmony between your business goals and spiritual goals are pulling you in two different directions?
  • Feeling like your current agency or helper just doesn’t understand you and isn’t hitting its goals?
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“The essence of spiritual excellence and business excellence when done from the heart are perfectly aligned“

Blah, Blah, Blah!

What about Profit, KPI, ROAS, CTA, ROI & Life cycle values? Do you just pray for a miracle and wait to see it manifest?   

Not even close! We’re super focused on this stuff, with no buts. We proactively do financial forecasts on all relevant campaigns before we even start, unlike most agencies. We are transparent, honest, and brutal when needed. It is not about fluffy statements like the client is always right either. We genuinely want to help people, but you have the 986 best product with 10,506 biggest budget and still expect to be lots of revenue then the only thing we’ll recommend is a reality check.  

We just have enough experience to know that obsessions over these ‘lagging’ indicators are effects that are symptomatic and sometimes distracting from what is important to get great results in the 1st place which is a great strategy and execution.

Just Go Deeper

A good business consultant & business plan will state things core to the business such as mission & vision statement, goals and exit strategy. But opting for a business coach vs. VS Spiritual business coach is comparative of the difference between a life coach and a spiritual coach INTERNAL LINK. We just go deeper to work out the essence of your business, product & target audience by using spiritual laws and practices to assess or build the foundations.  

The soul difference

We are also experts in helping spiritually focused businesses  

We have 10+ experience as a business, sales & marketing agency. Like attracts Like sometimes; over the last few years, organically we have gravitated towards helping spiritually focused businesses achieve amazing results.   

Also, we run successful spiritual focused services and products, so innately know your target audience and how to effectively communicate with them.  

Once you understand business from a spirit-led perspective and execute a strategy that reflects this, you will be able to have a business that is:   

True Prosperity

  • Has longevity is sustainable,   
  • Creates win-win situations  
  • Builds great customer loyalty  
  • Has higher average order values  
  • Employee loyalty

For businesses that want to tap into that soul purpose. Let's change the world together.

If you want to work with a company that resonates with you past the superficial, shares the passion and has the experience in delivering great results, then get in touch with us today. 

Please bear in mind, we are selective about the clients we take on. We value chemistry more than most other agencies. We have genuinely got to have a connection with you, the business, your vision and believe that we can actually add value.