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I Create My Story offers unique spiritual transformation services to help you discover the magical journey in your own life.  

The Soul Is A Map

One of our favourite ways to perceive the mystery of the soul is as a map. With your spirit guiding your purpose to return home.


Understanding your unique map is essential to this journey.


I Create My Story has created proprietary tools which have helped build the most comprehensive, spiritually synthesised model, comprising of over 11,000 permutations to help aid you in your unique path. 

As cartographers of the soul, let us help chart the path back home.

Context, Not Content is the Key   

The answer to your problems has already most likely been spoken about in a film, book & internet; you've probably even heard it all before.

The lack of information is NOT the problem.

What none of these solutions give, is YOUR CONTEXT. Communicating & working with a trained professional who has dedicated time to fast-track this experience is potentially lives' saving.

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Twinkle, Twinkle!

Who doesn’t from time-to-time gaze at the stars in awe? The special effect they hold over us often leaves us in amazement and humility. The special effects of those twinkles seem to make it even more magical.

But Stars Don’t twinkle, in fact, the twinkle is an illusion of air pollution in the earth’s atmosphere.

Here at IMCS work with you to get rid of the toxicity that clouds your life to bring you into a state of spiritual purity enabling you to shine clear & bright.

How We Can Help

The ICMS SuperStar Walkwith™   

A unique Spiritual Mentorship Program that helps Truth-Seekers, Spiritual Achievers, and Unfulfilled Souls Grow into your True Self in 90 days without Confusion, Overwhelm, Doubt, or Self-Sabotage so you can Die with no regrets, in complete acceptance and at true peace.  

Spiritual Business & Marketing Consultancy   

With 10+ years of experience and over 20+ staff, our expertise has been redefined recently to build spiritually-led approaches to business challenges and opportunities. We also have a niche in helping spiritually-led businesses build stronger foundations that allow growth in a more holistic & sustainable way. 

1-1 Spiritual Coaching  

We offer a bespoke spiritual coaching service to provide unique and lasting solutions to the deepest spiritual problems in your life.  

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Spiritual Readings  

We use our unique 10 steps “Wheels of COGnition™” framework to decode & synthesise your spiritual story and give profound meaning and clarity of direction to your life.  


Subject, for

a Day

a Week

of the Year, for


Congratulations, You've now become an expert of 1 topic! Metaphysical Master

“They say it takes 10,000 hours to master one subject. You would essentially need to quit your day job and work full-time for 5 years just to master one Wheel of Cogsyntion. Over the last couple of decades we can easily say we've worn out that T-Shirt! That path brings an amazing blessing too... in the end.

We have focused on building a offering that walks with people, so they go in the right direction faster.”


Our Unique Models

Systems for Syncing

The MetaPheSynics™ Model

Explore our unique synthesising method to analyse & understand the spirit, nature of being & consciousness

Wheels of CogSyntion™

Explore the elements we combine in our decodes to breakdown you and your environment like no other system

Love Letters

“By far the best self help program I’ve ever worked with. It seemed like they knew me better than myself and was able to offer solutions I know will last a lifetime!”

Testimonials only go so far as you’re still left with the question “How does it work for me”? 

“Testimonials are a helpful way of understanding how we help other people.

The best way to test if we will be right for you is by speaking with us directly. We genuinely like to help people, so even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll still get loads of value from it.”


a heroes journey

a heroes journey

a heroes journey

a heroes journey

a heroes journey

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

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