ICMS SuperStar Program™

The Spiritual Program

of Your

Past, Present & Future

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The MetaPheSynics method & Wheels of CogSyntion™ systems have been brought together to build the ICMS SuperStar Program™. It has been designed to produce the most comprehensive, tailored & effective spiritual development program.


We often look at start and the universe in awe, even to the point of deification. We believe that every soul has a story just as wonderful. ICMS was created to show you, regardless of circumstance how amazing your life truly is.

Bring Your Beautiful Story to Life

9-step Adventure towards spiritual excellence.

Lv.3 – Embody True ‘Self’

Providing bespoke transformational tactics that will evolve through your journey

7. The ReWa(o)rd

Rewire the brain and unlock dormant genes and create forever lasting powers

8. The Consistent Self

Be their in the presence of harmonious creation

9. Be All, & End All

Live in total synergy with your ‘Self’ and your Environment

Lv.2 – The Synthesised You

Prove that your journey has and is truly purposeful & meaningful

4. The (Extra)ordinary You

Define who they are like never before

5. Your Inner Cave 

Put a searchlight on your present and future

6. The Ultimate Ordeal 

Destroy the enemy within to a malnourished prisoner

Lv.1 – The Synthesised Universe

Complete Overstanding of the universe you were born into

1. The Ordinary World

Completely understand the fundamental system we live in

2. Calls to Adventure

Be inspired and define the mentors and hero’s journeys of past and present

3. The Willing Hero

Build full confidence in the path they will choose to take

Results by the numbers

Universal Data Synthesis

We have built our own mini-universe to create the largest stellar nursery online. 20+ years in the making – researched, developed, meditated & experienced leads to:

Ancient & Modern metaphysical systems are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 150+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


400+ Mental models are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 20+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


300+ Philosophies are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 20+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


100+ Religions & Ways of life, Schools of thought are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 20+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


300+ Books on self-help are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method, across 20+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


10+ personality & Spirituality tests are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 70+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


20+ Developmental stage models are added into the MetaPheSynics™ method across 70+ Wheels of COGSyntion™


OK, so do you want a gold medal or something! Why should I care???


By bringing all these elements together we are able to deliver multiple, life changing benefits to our clients:


Because we can join the dots like no other system we know of, usually within the 1st session, we can resonate with you in a way that connects to the most innate parts of your being. Your spirit feels it and you Just ‘get it’ putting you at ease and excited for the journey ahead.

See your Potential

People can’t see their crowns without a physical aid (e.g., a mirror). Because of the diversity within our system, we can see & share with you your own meaningful meaning to your ‘full potential’

Remove negatives

When it's time for that shadow work, we leave no stone unturned.

Root Transformation

When we are recommending solutions, we can scope, pinpoint & fine-tune them, like no other system. Because they are natural to your DNA, our solutions evolve as you grow.

Who this Program is for?

Insatiable Soul Seekers

You are completely driven to explore and live the truest versions of your soul

Spiritual Achievers

People who want to attain the highest level of spiritually - Goal Orientated, Focused

Unfulfilled Souls

People who want to be fulfilled in life - Emotionally driven, Feelings, Experience


You want to find the 'Truth'. You are also probably Information focused, Deep, Analytical, Problem solving

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Our Free taster session partially takes you through one step 1 so can quickly understand the system and how it can work for you in your life.

We genuinely like to help people so even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll still get loads of value from it.