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What Is Spiritual Coaching and How Can It Work For You


Spiritual coaching is a way that involves a spiritual element to the traditional coaching style. It involves guiding individuals to find inner happiness, peace, and harmony in their journey to finding their sense of wholeness.


Research has shown that there is a relationship between spirituality and mental health. More spiritual people have been shown to enjoy better health and overall well-being. It is because of this that professions such as spiritual coaching have emerged.


What Do Spiritual Coaches Do?


A good coach helps you gain insight and set actions to achieve the desired outcome. The same is the case for spiritual coaches.


A spiritual coach helps you gain insight into yourself by recognizing rooted limiting beliefs, focusing on personal growth, and achieving your higher purpose in life.


They do this by helping you discover your true self and what you truly want. You then learn to define life on your terms and align with your spiritual values.


How Does Spiritual Coaching Work?

It addresses the following issues.

· Traumatic childhood experiences

· Navigating difficult life challenges

· Fear of change in life

· Over-thinking

· False assumptions

· Negative self talk

· Old ways of looking at things.

· A person’s internal blocks to happiness

· Failure to understand one’s true life purpose


How Do Spiritual Coaches Help People Overcome Life Issues?

Overcoming Counteractive Thoughts


As an evolutionary measure, human beings are hard-wired for negativity to help them survive in hostile environments. However, such programming gets in the way when you want to reach an impossible goal, stay productive, or enjoy life.


As a result, a spiritually untrained mind finds itself resulting in negativity. A spiritual coach will help you attain control of your hard-wired brain in ways that you didn’t know were possible.


Knowing Your Principles

Every human being is governed by principles that dictate our basis for what is right and wrong. Sometimes they may be unclear even to you as an individual, and this is where a spiritual coach helps.


Often people feel stuck when asked to do something that contradicts their principles, so knowing what your principles are is necessary for taking action and living a fulfilling human life. A spiritual coach helps you to get in touch with this.


Finding Your Lifeblood

Finding the lifeblood of a person involves an exhaustive interview process where the spiritual coach works with their client through a historical accounting of their major life events. Finding this lifeblood is essential to establishing your driving forces and purpose.



A Spiritual coach may include meditation to help your mind focus on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and achieve an emotionally stable state that connects with focused healing energy.


Diary Writing

A spiritual coach will encourage you to write down your thoughts and feelings. It allows for orderly introspection and reflection and leads to insight and healing by prioritizing and taking control of your fears, problems, and concerns.


Steps a Spiritual Coach Takes to Resolve Clients’ Issues

Establishing the Objective

It is the basis for a spiritual coaching session where they help an individual connect with themselves. The spiritual coach and the individual have to be on the same page regarding the individual’s end goal of spiritual wellness.


Understanding Through Evaluation and Providing Feedback

The spiritual coach asks intuitive questions, actively listens, and sees the situation through different perspectives.

They may do this by asking open-ended questions, which are critical in helping create a safe and positive environment for the client to open up, self-discovery, and effectively work with the coach.


A spiritual coach leads you to insight with active listening and powerful questions. They will recognize elements that openly exist in your life that you may have overlooked.


Their ability to highlight your virtues is a powerful vehicle for transformation, allowing you to see treasures you already have, even though you didn’t know they existed.


Following up With Support

A spiritual coach walks you through the initial phases of spiritual reflection and creativity as you work your way to improving your quality of life.

They do this by highlighting your progress and wins and encouraging you to work through obstacles and secure the needed guidance to have a good quality of life.

A spiritual life coach holds you responsible for living according to your principles and goals with different accountability structures.


In Summary

Working with a spiritual coach can help overcome many issues life throws at us that usually hamper our quality of life.

A spiritual coach can help you drop negative beliefs and blinders that prevent you from seeing possibilities or taking action. Or help bring you to a more grounded, feasible sense of simplicity, focus, and realistic activity.

If you feel like something is missing from your life but aren’t quite able to put your finger on the cause, it could be worth finding a spiritual coach you can work with to see whether or not you could benefit from being more spiritual.

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